Was it meant to be this way?

Maybe this is what you want

This chaos is where you find peace.

Maybe it’s these fights you’ve grown used to

And you don’t want this to end, just not yet

Because letting go frightens you more

More than this ugly mess ever could

This screaming and shouting

These scars on your skin

Broken window panes

And that shattered bottle of champagne

Isn’t this the love you asked for?

Isn’t this the place you wanted to be?

He gives you those scars

But it’s his hands that heal you

Didn’t you want this?

These wounds love inflicted on you

Bloodstains on the floor

His breath that smells of alcohol

Your bruised wrists

His tousled hair and scratched face

Was it meant to be this way?

You know it’s not perfect, not even close to it but

Isn’t this how love is supposed to be?

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